Saturday, August 19, 2006

Qatar Perl Mongers

Arabian Oryx - the Qatar Perl Mongers' logoI spent a bit of time today putting together a Perl Mongers web page. I hope it will be a good way of meeting other programmers and making a few friends.

Most Perl Monger groups use the camel as a logo, but I've decided the Arabian Oryx is more apt for


Yasser said...

how come you decide you need an animal for the logo and is there any reason a lot of groups choose the camel?

Nigel said...

The camel has become the unoffical mascot of Perl since it appeared on the front of the first edition of Programming Perl. The publishers have compromised on copyright of the image because it has been used so often in association with user groups.

I just prefer the oryx ;)

Nigel said...

The Washington Qatari Embassy has a fine series of photos of Oryxes in Qatar.