Sunday, May 27, 2007

Best blogs in Qatar

<BLUSH> This blog has been chosen as one of the best blogs in Qatar. I'm choking back the tears, but will still manage to give a 10-minute acceptance speech, given half a chance.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Qatar Journal - The Online Newspaper for Qatar

At the end of its first week, I'd say the launch of Qatar Journal has been a success. It's taken less than two months from the initial idea through to launching the site. I had hoped to launch a couple of weeks earlier, but I wanted to be in Qatar when it happened.

The response has been good from journalists and PR companies. I'm now getting a steady stream of stories, which is easing the administration of the site.

The technology has had some teething problems, with my server running out of memory on the first night, but it's now settled down. I've got a very long bug-list, which I'll start fixing in a couple of weeks. None of the bugs are serious, just annoying. Ben Figgis has pointed out a bug in the Qatar Journal feed that doesn't seem to be affecting slashdot, so I'll need to investigate. It's nice when people point out a problem, because noticing the bug is the difficult bit. Fixing is usually easy. Thanks Ben.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Still in the UK

Sorry, I've been away from a PC for the past two weeks. I'm still in the UK because Sara has had surgery. She's OK, and is getting out of hospital today, but we can't return to Doha until at least May 20.