Tuesday, August 15, 2006

family visits

We're spending a couple of days with Grandma and Grandad Rauf, saying our goodbyes to my side of the family. Tonight we visited my sister, who's *very* pregnant and Jamie renewed his friendship with cousin Kieren. Tomorrow, we're visiting great-grandad.

UPDATE: mum just sent two photos of Kieren and Jamie.


Aisha said...

Great job Nigel! I really admire that in you; caring so much about relatives. Especially grandma and grandpa..I like grandpeople!!

Again, I’m so in love with that baby boy, can’t help it! Something to do with his smile!! I really feel sorry for people back home..They’ll MISS him!

By the way, what is the camera you’re using? Very fine photos’ quality.

Nigel said...

Thanks Aisha. Sometimes seeing the relatives can be a chore, but mostly it's fun.

We've been travelling from house to house for the last two days, and everyone insists on brewing tea. I've had so much tea, my kidneys feel like they're going to explode and my eyeballs are floating.

The camera is a cheap Sony Cybershot. I guess I've been lucky with the light ;)

Aisha said...

Cool camera, I might get one for myself soon! :-) And come on! It’s not only the light, you get the perfect corners.WOW, Don’t tell me they’re all shots in the dark!! Hehe

B.T.W: Too much tea is dangerous tea :-) Be easy on your kidneys :-D

Nigelllll, Keep the blog ubdated please. I like it! Short and straightforward. Helps me improving my “English”..yaay you guys are like real English family!! :-D

Fiona said...

Great seeing you. Will email more Kieren and Jamie pics soon. Have had other things on my mind.

Have a fab time!

Nigel said...

Fiona - great to have you on the blog. I'll post any pictures you email.