Saturday, August 19, 2006

Paul's birthday

We were invited to a surprise party! I worked with Paul a few years ago at ITV Digital and, together with Chris, we've kept in touch through regular band nights and pub visits.

Everyone had a great meal, and Jamie spent the night making new friends. Here's Jamie before and after the party.

There'll always be a spare bed or two in Doha for friends.


AliCat said...

Tsk.... I leave the country for a couple of weeks and you introduce my boy to the bright lights and social whirl of London. Hope he enjoyed himself and expect that he probably behaved better than most of the adults there.

Paul said...

Thanks for turning up guys - it was a great surprise!

Nigel said...

No problem, Paul. Jamie has been talking of little else. I need to repay you for the meal though.

We're going to go to the dinosaur museum sometime next week. Fancy having lunch?