Thursday, June 19, 2008

News site rankings

Before I started QatarJournal in April last year, I took a snapshot of the Alexa page views from local news providers. Looking at the changes over the past year, it's obvious that QatarLiving is now serving more pages than any of the other news sites, and Watan's website is declining in relative terms against the other papers. Permalink here. A similar decline can be seen in terms of Watan's market share, with only QL showing a noticeable increase.

When we look at only visitors from Qatar, the ranking of sites providing news becomes clearer:
* Qatar Living
* Al Raya
* Al Jazeera
* Al Sharq
* India Times
* The Rest.


Anonymous said...

Stumbled upon your website, very nice.
Like you I think ,I came to Qatar because of wifes job, which leaves me wondering what to do here(ex sw engineer).

hope your stay in Qatar is a fruitful one. the interview hell article, some interviewers are clueless when it comes to IT ("does that mean you are a computer programmer"), haven't head that in years. Since approx 17% of interviewers have had any interview training and that 30% of them remember anything after 3 months shows you that they don't have power over you. Your skill to employers is you and your attitude/soft skills(which judging by your writing is positive), not neccesarily the hard / technical skills.
anyway good luck wih whatever you do

andibob said...

I like visiting your site: It's like a gate to another world to me :)
Cheers from Romania ....

Qatar Foodie said...

hey why u stopped blogging.... tooo busy with FB and twitter ;-)

Unknown said...

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