Thursday, March 15, 2007


Today, I saw a photo of my niece, Natashia. She looks like a happy little kid, and I'll get to meet her at the end of April when we take a trip to the UK. Because I've never seen her, I sometimes forget that I have a niece, so it was a nice surprise to get an email this morning full of photos.


Aisha said...

OMG She’s so CUTE!

squeezable cheeks!!


Nigel said...

Thank you, Aisha. You always say nice things about my family.

On the subject of squeezable cheeks, Jamie has now learned to duck and dive whenever he sees a potential squeezer approach. He's still OK with the hair-rubbing though.

Aisha said...

looool funny Jamie!! GOOD FOR HIM!!

Don't get me wrong I'm NOT a squeezer I swear :-D

I have my own fancies though hehehehe