Sunday, February 11, 2007

ReadNG - it's like reading, but without the 'i'

So, out of the much nonsense that was spoken over the past week, the silliest is probably this. After several beers with the camel gang, we decided that readng was the next flickr, and that all we needed to succeed in the web 2.0 world was poor spelling. I've registered the domain name, and written a blurb - let the flood of offers begin. It was Sara who was the first to note that maybe avid book readers might find intentional illiteracy rather annoying. What does she know. Pah.


Sara said...

Its just that the web reads a bit like those old school adverts for shorthand training nowadays

"if you cn rd ths thn u cn be a shthnd typst.."

Sigh. I remember the days when words were words...

Nigel said...

Email feedback seems to be in two forms: "we need pictures to see what these books are going to look like" or "some arabic books would be nice". Thanks to everyone who's offered feedback - keep it coming.